I started a rumor

I get myself into the darndest messes.  I always thought everyone had these moments that they laughed out loud at the totally insanity that is their life.

Apparently not.

I have a great husband, one that I am committed too.

I have a great group of friends.  But they are the honest kind.  I mean the ones that say out loud, “Gosh Sadie, you have really packed on the pounds!” honest.

I have been working on things in the community.  I have told you about some, there are other things I have been working on that I haven’t mentioned.  And let me just say, I AM SO EXCITED about the stuff I haven’t mentioned. 

So I IM’ed the Onion Girl, one of my honest friends on FB the other day to ask her to lunch sometime soon.  I can’t keep a secret, and I wanted to tell someone about the things I am working on.  It went something like this:

ME: Can we go to lunch sometime soon?  I have so much I want to tell you about.

OG: Your messages are always so cryptic.  Yes, we can go to lunch.  If you won the lottery, you’re buying.

ME: No, did not win the lottery.  I MET A BOY!  And not in the Hi Ya Sailor kind of way….

Meanwhile, a guy I went to high school with who had recently friended me, and kept sending me messages like, “Damn girl, you look good.”  or  “You haven’t aged a day.”  to which I replied,

“I have been pickled, it slows down the aging process.”

Well HS guy decided to IM me in the next window. 

He started this particular IM with “Yum, Yum.  There you are.”

It kind of pissed me off, but maybe I was just hung over.

So I asked the OG if she thought starting an IM with YUM YUM was inappropriate?  Knowing that the next line of the IM was “my marriage is on the rocks.”

OG: Maybe your marriage is on the rocks because you met a boy, did you think of that?

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