Stop calling me SURELY!

SURELY the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I am swearing off doing good.  It really doesn’t get you anywhere.  I promise, every day I wake up I try to do good in the world.  If not good, at least I don’t ever start the day with the intent of drawing someone else down. I wish the other humans had my philosophy on life.

SURELY the daily workout will get easier. I have been off my routine for far too long.  I keep being met with people telling me I look like I am losing weight, when I am gaining at an alarming rate.  I just need to get back to me.  When I loved the walking I did, just to flesh out the ideas in my brain.

SURELY, being the better “man” is worth something.  My life has been met with many opportunities for me to prove I have the bigger hips am the bigger man.  The one that proves redemption is possible for all people.

SURELY the people will like me. I want to be Sally Fields.  I want to be the girl that inspires you to do something good with your day.  Embrace someone who you never would; whether that person is gay, straight, Jewish or Autistic.  I want you to look past what you know, look to the unknown.  It may be scary but it is always worth the story.

SURELY I was meant to be a writer.  I never wanted to be anything else my whole life.  I want to be the girl you look to for a good story.  Well, that and be a rock star, but really?  How many Rick Astley’s can the world hold?

SURELY I was meant to be a mother.  I was really bad at the physical aspect of carrying a child.  (The physical act of BREEDING I am really good at–turns out.)  I probably was not meant to be a mother, but what can I do about that now?  Except move forward.

SURELY I am a bit of a rebel.  I do wear dresses when I forget to shave my legs and I run with scissors.  Mostly I like to perceive myself as gangsta.  I follow the rules all of the time.  It is the thing that pisses me off the MOST about me.

SURELY I am worth redemption.  Aren’t we all?

9 thoughts on “Stop calling me SURELY!

  1. Surely you are worth redemption.. you write fabulous a fabulous blog– funny and smart, a hard combo! But you are evil for getting that damn Rick As(s) tley song in my head. Following rules– sucks, don’t it? but we cannot stop ourselves.
    I really liked this post

  2. All those SURELYs are the result of the corporate world filling your head with American Dream lies. Perhaps every individual is their own univers-wide jigsaw puzzle, and once some of the pieces are properly placed, the picture becomes more evident.

  3. I thought that surely a road to hell is paved with good intentions was a french expression! People always react oddly when I say it. But then again, people react oddly to most of what I say. Surely I never know when to say what. Surely I’m glad people don’t realize how dumb I can be most of the time. Or maybe then again they do know only they’re too polite to point it out…

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