My opinion of Sophie B. Hawkins, requested but not paid for.

I recently met Sophie B. Hawkins.  She asked for my number.

I forgot to give her the area code.  307.

I am that cool.  Don’t hate me because I am   –in the right place at the right time.

Sophie was wonderful. Amazing! It will be a story for the rest of my life.

What I couldn’t tell you in the original blog was I saw her at the grocery store later with my loving Husband Raynard.  Sophie stopped and talked to us, like we were discussing a PTA meeting.  She was down to earth and lovely.  (307) Sophie, feel free to dial the digits and sing to me at any time.

Also, next day I got to see her live in concert.  Watching her changed my life.  It was that powerful.

307 Sophie.

She channeled Janis Joplin; it was amazing.  I read recently that she will be playing Janis on stage.  After hearing her, I can’t think of anyone else who could play the role. Down to the hair flips, she knew Janis.  Stinky Pete even liked the performance and he is 8.

I sat staring at her on stage for almost two hours.  She was enchanting.  Sophie can jump and Ninja kick like you would not believe. I sang along to the songs I knew and sat dreaming of what she was thinking during the songs I didn’t.   The winds and storms were brewing all around as she performed and we sat and watched.  I couldn’t believe I wasn’t getting the shoulder tap from loving Husband that we needed to leave as the weather was getting bad.

We stayed.  307, the whole state of Wyoming’s area code is 307.

She was beautiful, but not just as a pretty person.  Sophie came off the stage and sang with the children that were dancing all around. It was as if your grandpa got out his guitar during a family reunion. It was that intimate, with a thousand people watching.

If Sophie is coming anywhere near you, I highly recommend catching her.


After the concert I stood in line to talk to her again.  I was compelled.  She knew me right away.  Sophie looked at me and said, “You were the best Mayor ever!  I don’t even know your name.”

I gave her my name and she started to write an autograph.  I said, “Umm, but never mind.”

“No, what?”

I said, “Could you make it out to Sadie Wilson?”

“Who is that?”

“She is my alter ego.  I write at night.  That is the name I use.”

People behind me in line were telling Sophie that I was a funny writer.  Sophie asked, “Are your stories true?”

“Yes, I am writing about meeting you.”

“Are they nasty?” She asked.

“Well, sometimes I talk about penises, but I am not malicious if that is what you are asking?”

Sophie looked at me and asked, “Am I going to be a penis?”

“No.  I’m writing how I was so excited to meet you I forgot my luggage at the airport.”

Sophie asked, “Are you on Twitter?”

“yes, but I rarely tweet.”

“If you follow me, I PROMISE to follow you back,” she said.


And then Sophie wanted pizza.  I know Lucy and Ethel, who own the BEST WOOD FIRED pizza business in the west. I went to get her pizza.

307 Sophie, if ya just wanna chat, or need a pizza recipe, I am your gal.

So I went home and wrote my little blog about meeting Sophie B. Hawkins, or Soph, as Jake Green and I call her. It took almost 36 hours, but she followed me.  Sophie B. Hawkins kept her word to a girl from Nowhere, Wy.  Plus, she retweeted my blog to her entire fan base.

307 –Sophie, I promise my phone number is written down next to the name of the hotel where you stayed.  Look through your itinerary.  You will find me there; I know you will—along with my real name.

And I thought that would be the end of my story, as I listened to her new CD in my car over lunch I reminisced, I thought about the stories I have learned about her.  I thought about what I personally know about her. I thought about her on stage, what a privilege it was to be in her audience. I thought about what it would be to write lyrics that just get into your soul.  And then I went to my Twitter feed, and found this:

Sophie and her band wanted to know my opinion of seeing her in concert.  Some unknown writer in Wyoming, she wanted my opinion.

This is it:

  • See her if you can.
  • Meet her at the grocery store.
  • Pet her dog.
  • Watch her YouTube interviews.  She is that person who threw away the chance at buckets of money to own her words, music, and soul; that is the real person, not just what you want to hear.

And retweet/forward this to all of your friends, let’s see if we can get Sophie to call me.  I will write another story about her if she does. Until then, I will just think of the lessons I learned in my short time with her.

And as I lay me down to sleep, I will be heavy hearted until Sophie calls my name.

19 thoughts on “My opinion of Sophie B. Hawkins, requested but not paid for.

  1. This story made me laugh a lot, but then I cried when I got the part about owning my words, my music, my soul. I hope you can come to L.A. in October to watch room 105 when it opens. (The name of the Janis Joplin show) I used that itinerary for a grocery list and threw it away, so I don’t know your name, or the rest of your number. But Sadie, you are a great writer and I bet a great performer of your writing. I hope I see your one woman show soon. Happy day after independence! Sophie B Hawkins

      • OMG, I can’t believe she actually posted on your blog! Sadie, if you come out to L.A. in October, come stay with me. I’m about an hour away from L.A., but hey, it’s a free place to stay and we will drink and engage ourselves in shenanigans. Maybe we’ll catch a drag show, too.

      • You just may have me and my surrogate gay husband sleeping on your sofa. It will be wonderful. Sophie is great in concert and the shenningans we will find!

        If I can just get over my fears enough to get on that plane.

  2. Thank you for sharing your storie on meeting Sophi B. She is amazing with a beautiful powerful voice and will difinitely make an awesome Janis Joplin, I look forward as a New Yorker to see her on B’way and at the Iridium doing what she does best!!!

      • LOL…I will reach out and talk to her, in fact my roommate met her here in NYC back in the early 90s at one of her party”s i believe at a place called Ruby Fruit west village, he fell in love with her and said, she was amazing, and so sweet, he also saw her at the Iridium this past March. As we both say, she will be the perfect Janis Joplin, with her soulful / gritty outstanding voice of hers, and hair body and all!!! Again thank you for sharing your story on the” one & only Sophie B. Hawkins”

  3. Oh my!!! I LOVED that song, “Damn I wish I was your lover.” How exciting. How cool. So she can sing JJoplin? AND, she wrote you back. How wonderful. I am following your blog but not getting alerts. Why oh why does WP do this? Great post.

  4. Your real name isn’t Sadie? You live in Gillette Wyoming? We raced there a few times. The best storm picture I ever took was a few hours before our scheduled start. Wickedest skies ever. Gillette. Really? Sophie? Really? Pinch me!

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