Kathleen Madigan is making the trip to Nowhere, WY

Over the past couple years I have met some very cool celebrities, like:

Paula PoundstoneSophie B. Hawkins and Lewis Black.

I told you the stories about meeting them.  I don’t know if you guessed, but I can get a little star struck in public.  Not creepy stalker, Paula Poundstone restraining order aside, I just am in such awe of these people and their talents.  I love performing, something I never thought I would do.  To have the opportunity to watch people who are truly gifted execute their craft is inspirational to me.

What you need to know for this story to work is: Lewis is really good friends with Kathleen Madigan.  Kathleen Madigan is getting ready to do her show in Nowhere, WY.  When I met Lewis Black, I of course invited him to sleep on my sofa, because why wouldn’t I?  I don’t think he was truly amused or considered it, but right after I published my story on the adventure that was meeting Lewis Black what would show up in my Tweets?

That’s right; Kathleen was looking for a spare room in Nowhere, WY.She promised to behave.Neither her nor Lewis Black responded to my tweets saying I had already made this offer.  I have a dog and she can smoke inside for all I care. What do you think the odds are I will get a chance to meet her too?

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